AKGA Tattoo Letters for Ear Tags

For informational purposes - no longer required.


Year     Letter

2008     X

2009     Y

2010     Z

2011     A

2012     B

2013     C

2014     D

2015     E

2016     F

2017     G

2018     H

2019     J

2020     K

2021     L

2020    M

2021    N

2024    P

2025    R

Letters are used in place of years to save space on the tattoos. A tattoo that reads X014 indicates the animal was born in 2008 and in most cases the numbers “014” is the tag number placed in the animal’s ear. It is preferred, but not required, that the numbers on the ear tag match the tattooed numbers.
I, Q, O and U are never used.