Following multiple requests for clarification on why "unknown" appears in some AKGA pedigrees, the Association would like to explain why they appear and what the term "unknown" means. 

First, a little AKGA history....the AKGA has been in existence since 1995. The AKGA purchased the North American Kiko Registry from the New Zealand exporter in 2000 for $40,000. This purchase included the registry database and all Registry files.

In 2011, an audit was conducted of the AKGA registry database and approximately 75 animals were found to have been issued AKGA certificates with parents stated on them that had been DNA excluded as possible parents. By law, these incorrect certificates had to be corrected. See ref. OK Statute cited below:

§21 1509. Animals, false pedigree of.

Every person who by any false pretense shall obtain from any club, association, society or company, for improving the breed of cattle, horses, sheep, swine, or other domestic animals, the registration of any animal in the herd register of any such club, association, society, or company, or a transfer of any such registration, and every person who shall knowingly give a false pedigree of any animal, shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor.

R.L.1910, § 2701.

By advice of corporate counsel, these animals with excluded parents could not be "kicked out" or reclassified, however, the AKGA would be in violation of the law if the pedigrees were not corrected to be true. When you see pedigrees of animals that show a parent, but that parent is listed as "unknown" in the AKGA database, that stated parent on those other certificates is incorrect.

Prior to 2011, some registrations for animals with excluded parents were recorded as "Genotyped", in the event of an excluded sire, or "Sire Verified", in the event of an excluded dam.  As a conclusion of the 2011 registry audit, all of those  discoverable incorrect entries were corrected. In most instances, with detailed research, a qualifying parent was located and the pedigree corrected. There were only a few animals that a qualifying parent was unable to be identified and thus noted on pedigrees as "unknown".

A complete list of those animals that were effected by the registry audit may be found at this link: