AKGA Membership List 


Each of the columns in the list can be sorted both ascending and descending.  The list is also searchable by the information in each column (i.e. last name, state, herd prefix, etc.)  by using the search box at the top right.  State names must be entered into the search option in full, not abbreviations.  On the far right hand side beside a member’s name is a “details” link which can be clicked to obtain contact information for each member, which will appear in a drop down box.  To close the drop down box, click “details” again.  

Written, performed and produced by AKGA member Ron Cline of Holly Springs Farm, Georgia

First Name   Last Name   State/Province   Country   Farm Name   Website   Farm Prefix    
John & Jackie Woods Missouri Forest Nook Farm FNK
13600 N 169 Hwy
(816) 532-3795
Clayton Yoder Missouri Clay Kiko Farm CLY
4408 CR 7480
West Plains
(319) 683-2415
Rich & Deb Zierlein Nebraska Muddy Creek Kikos DRZ
P.O. Box 265
(402) 340-5311