A Chapter of the American Kiko Goat Association®

MKGA Region includes AR, MO, OK, KS, IL, NE, IA, & TX

Chapter Purpose: 1) Assist regional AKGA members in their efforts to promote and market Kiko goats to the meat goat industry. 2) Promote the AKGA and 3) Promotion and sales of AKGA registered animals to benefit regional members.

Chapter Goals: 1) Unite regional AKGA members 2) Promotion of the Kiko breed and the AKGA 3) Inform and educate the public about the advantages of the Kiko breed and education in general goat husbandry 4) Support of the AKGA through sale of AKGA registered animals.

Officers for 2017 –  Dona Mason-Reneau, President, Matt Cantrell, Vice-President, Tracey Plaster, Secretary, Bill Francis, Treasurer. Tom Cox, Director

FMI: midamericakiko@gmail.com

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