Due to a number of resignations this year, five (5) directors and one (1) President need to be elected in 2018. The Constitution and Bylaws (CBL) requires that at least three (3) directors be selected each year. Thus, two (2) directors elected this year should only serve one-year terms so that three (3) Directors can be elected in 2019. Unfortunately, the Constitution and Bylaws does not clearly address the manner of selecting which candidates should serve full two-year terms and which candidates should fill the remaining year of an unexpired term.

The CBL clearly gives power of replacing Directors to the Board in Section VI.E. Vacancy. However, the Board feels the membership should be involved. Thus, in the upcoming election, members will be asked to select five (5) candidates for Director.  Under the current CBL, the three (3) highest candidates would become directors with two-year terms and the fourth highest candidate would be the Alternate and would move to a Director position with a one-year term.  At this point, the board would have a quorum of President and five (5) Directors, all chosen by the membership.  The new board would then appoint the candidate in the fifth position to serve as Alternate Director and be immediately moved to the sixth Director position with a one-year term.  Finally, the Board would appoint an Alternate.  Click here to access the list of eligible voters.

The Following AKGA Members Accepted Nominations for Board of Directors Positions:
President- James Sanders - Resume - Questionnaire
Board of Director candidates
Matt Cantrell - Resume - Questionnaire
Dennis Higgins - Resume - Questionnaire
Karen Weyel Severn - Resume - Questionnaire
Christina Rutledge Morris - Resume - Questionnaire
James Sanders - Resume - Questionnaire
Kellen Weissenbach - Resume - Questionnaire


Vision Statement:

"To become the Breed Association for American meat goat producers' most productive and popular breed."

Mission Statement:

"To guide the development of the Kiko toward being the best performing meat goat breed for producers and to provide accurate registration services and other services useful to members in their production and promotion of Kiko goats."

The American Kiko Goat Association® (AKGA), a non-profit association, is the official registry of Kiko breeders and owners in North America, and the only Kiko organization able to trace ancestry to the original New Zealand goats imported into the United States.  


AKGA serves to promote the Kiko goat, assist members in breeding, raising and registering Kiko goats. Our goal is to educate the public about the Kiko meat goat breed's advantages of low maintenance and high performance.

Much research has been done to substantiate the many benefits realized by Kiko breeders and meat goat producers with Kiko influence in their herds. Kiko goats are recognized for their superior maternal instincts, greater parasite resistance, rapid growth rate of kids and improved carcass yield. Other benefits include aggressive breeding habits, fewer foot problems, fewer health issues and aggressive foraging abilities.

The AKGA supports and encourages the work of universities across the nation that provide meat goat testing sites and those that are working to genetically identify those animals that posses the genetic makeup rendering them predisposed to parasite resistance and higher quality milk production for faster growing kids.

The AKGA holds an Annual Convention, Sale and Seminar every year. In conjunction with the AKGA Convention, the AKGA also holds its Annual Membership Meeting. Newly elected and incumbent Directors are presented for the coming year, as well as conducting other Association business. We hold these conventions at different sites throughout the country to give more members the opportunity to attend.

This website is an educational resource for those interested in Kiko goats. It is compiled from available published material and independent study and research by Universities across the nation.  It aims to draw together in one place comprehensive written material relating to the Kiko goat and the outcomes of crossbreeding programs. In addition, we have included material that relates to the performance of the Kiko goat, in particular, and systems and practices for the production of meat goats, in general.

The material contained herein is copyright but may be downloaded for the purposes of private and educational use. It may not be reproduced for commercial purposes without permission of the copyright holder.

The words "American Kiko Goat Association" and the AKGA logo are trademarks registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Their use is forbidden unless permission is granted by the American Kiko Goat Association. Current members of the AKGA may use both on their website, in communications, etc. No other permission for their use is implied or expressed without authorization by the AKGA.
The AKGA is a 501(c)5 non-profit and as such, donations to the AKGA are not tax deductible.